Eastbourne pier

Like my previous post. I struck gold with the weather in the first week of December.Great weather combines with a day off work = result. A couple of photos of Eastbourne pier as the late afternoon sun was getting low in the sky. Camera used Olympus Pen F and the 75mm f1.8 lens. The first one is mono profile 2,  yellow green filter, metering and exposure comp to create the desired effect.In the second image I used colour profile 2 (chrome film) but omitted the groynes and included more sky.One endearing pleasure of the seaside is the sky, meaning there is a lot of it.

Eastbourne pier and beach groynes (stops erosion).
Eastbourne pier fading afternoon light.

12 thoughts on “Eastbourne pier

  1. Reblogged this on beetleypete and commented:
    My good friend Antony has now started a .com photo blog on the WordPress platform. His first couple of posts are now up, and I recommend his photography to everyone.Unlike his previous website, we are now able to follow,like, and comment. So please do all three!
    Thanks, Pete.

  2. Another visitor via Pete. I like both of these. The almost silhouetted pier of the first one with the silky sea and the colour and light of the second. I look forward to viewing more of your photography Antony.
    Jude xx

  3. Thanks to Peter for reblogging. I lived in Eastbourne for a few years and I had heard on the radio about the golden refurbishing… It looks a bit different but… Gorgeous pics

    1. Many thanks for the comment. Actually since the fire and clean up the pier looks quite a lot better. The gold paint work on the domes gives it a bit of bling.

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