New lens to try out

I quite often like to take a close look at my photo kit, and ask my self a question. Am I using that lens often enough to justify keeping it ? I gathered up my Nikon 85mm, Nikon 24mm and an Olympus 12mm (don’t get me wrong they are all actually very good bits of glass). I traded them in for the Tamron 90mm 1:1 macro lens (new version). Here are a few photos taken with it and the Nikon D810. All photos taken at Kew Gardens last week the 8th of October.

Kew 81O_3474wp
Contemporary statue on display at Kew
Kew 81O_3468wp
Contemporary sculpture on display at Kew

4 thoughts on “New lens to try out

  1. Thanks, I might keep the lens for a week or two 🙂
    Fingers crossed I will suss out photo stacking using a macro lens this week.
    Though I do ask myself is it really photography. The results I have seen are very impressive.

  2. These are spectacular. I traded all my Nikon gear in for Fuji, but most of all I miss my Nikon 90mm macro, the Fuji 60mm doesn’t quite match up, that Tamron though looks it’s equal! Gorgeous.

  3. Cheers for your comments,I did have the Nikon micro / macro lens at one stage but it did not totally gel with me. However I have seen some spectacular results that other photographers have produced.Considering the price of the Tamron and quality I’m really satisfied.
    Sometimes with Nikon its hard to justify the VFM / bang for the buck. Fuji and Olympus are much better value for money.

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