52 Challenge #8

Its funny, sometimes you cant find anything to capture your interest and other times you find quite a few photos. This week I have four. In order of my personal preference.


A new glass and steel building in Hammersmith, London. The light was striking the building creating a high contrast scene.


Just off Piccadilly in London. I found this grubby little back street all the buildings were blackened by years of pollution and dirt with two women walking towards each other.


The Walkie-Talkie building and the Shard. Taken from the 42nd floor of 25 Old Broad Street in the City of London (ex Nat West Tower).  Photographed through thick panes of glass. On the 42nd floor is a Champagne bar where you can have some bubbly and enjoy the view.


The Prince Albert Memorial can be found in London’s Hyde Park opposite the Royal Albert Hall. The trees are in their winter guise free of foliage awaiting the warmth of the spring sun.


Walkie-Talkie building 

The Champane bar in Tower 42 / 25 Old Broad St / ex Nat West Tower


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  1. Yes, I know what you mean. the trouble is there isn’t much left.
    To be frank I find a lot of London quite sterile. Or am I getting old ?

  2. Many thanks for your comments and feed back. I zoomed in and the person with the rucksack has their hair in bun on the back of their head.
    As you and Pete like old looking streets I will have to trawl around for some more. The problem is London’s being sanitised (probably like a lot of places) and its losing its character.
    All the best.

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