Alfriston Church

I went to Alfriston village for a bit of lunch today (Saturday 24th February) although it was very cold in the easterly wind the sky was a glorious blue, as there were no clouds everything sparkled.

Alfriston Church AK012067 Fen 2018wp.jpg

St Andrews church. Alfriston East Sussex. Built in the 1370’s.

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  1. Have you seen the forecast ?
    Cold n frosty is coming. It will be bitter in the early hrs on my bike.
    I’m glad you had some sunshine as well better than all the gloom.

  2. Yay sunny day here too, the calm before the big freeze. They’re calling it The Beast from the East 🙄. It seems all our weather systems have to have names now. Beautiful scene, nice composition.

  3. Many thanks for the comment about the photo.
    Beast from the East….What on earth must people think who live in Siberia or some other harsh part of the world ? Why cant they say there’s a cold easterly wind coming…More importantly for the photographer…There should be a warning regarding camera batteries being drained more quickly and the chance of frost nip affecting the shutter trigger in adverse conditions.
    Have a good week, if there’s a chance get out there with your Fuji. I will be at work so limited photo opportunities this week.

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