52 Challenge #9

This week the UK experienced some bad weather, of course this is all relative to where you live or come from. An inch of snow in the capital spells disaster for the basic infrastructure – roads – rail – etc. I normally ride a pedal bike to and from work but as there was snow and ice on the carriageway I used the tube / underground and walked from London Victoria to the office in Lambeth. Here is this weeks offerings taken with the Olympus Pen F and the 12/100 f4 on the way to and from work.

Albert Embankment AK012076 March 2018wp.jpg

Albert Embankment. Taken from Lambeth Bridge looking westbound towards Vauxhall. For a change I compose this in 5:4 ratio (8×10 in old money).



Footpath next to St Thomas’s Hospital that leads to Westminster Bridge. Photo taken in the very early hours on my way home. The foot path is on massive sheet of ice the wind was bitingly cold and howling along the river.


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  1. London in the snow. That takes me back to chains around the tyres on the ambulances…
    Rained all day here, so the snow has gone. replaced by deep mud…
    Cheers, Pete.

  2. It wasn’t to bad for me going to an fro. But I think for others, especially with the trains getting messed up it may have been a challenge.

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