Cambodia “People” #1

Photographs of some people and the odd cat / dog I came across whilst on my travels. In general I asked the individuals if I could photograph them. They gave of themselves freely and I think its shows in their natural expressions. Most of the people I met were warm, hospitable and happy to oblige. Part one of Cambodia people photos.


En route to Beng Mealea (a tempe in the / forest jungle) we had a slight issue with our mini van. The tyre wall ruptured and shredded into lots of bits causing us to stop in a rural village. With in 10 mins the locals came out to investigate. This chap tried to engage with me, but unfortunately I don’t speak Khmer or French. Facial pleasantries were exchanged instead.



Another villager who came to assist.



A couple of young fellows watching the men change the wheel.



Initially I was assisting in jacking up the vehicle, as I glanced around me photo opportunities were passing me by. Two girls on their way to school.






Just done some shopping.



Three up – Quite normal –



A local resident and her dog watching us from across the road.



He constantly refused to make eye contact.



This seemed to be the main form of transport for some of the locals.



A typical rural scene. Vendors selling their wares.



Another typical rural scene.



Three up, no helmets, and about 14 yrs old.



This young lady’s mother was selling freshly peeled mango. We purchased quite a lot as it was baking hot. The mango in Cambodia is sublime.



As above.



Mine are bigger than yours ! Sure no problem. I would just like to pass by. There are a lot of dogs roaming about.



Young child swimming across a silty river.



Temple cat staying out of the sun.

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  1. Lovely sharp portraits mate.
    They get a lot of use out of what look like converted lawn-mowers. I could do with one of those for all the mud around here!
    Cheers, Pete.

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