Cambodia “People” #2



Children by the landing stage waiting for the boat to arrive.



Our boat driver. He had remarkably good English which he picked up just by talking to tourists.



Child in a swan boat on the Tonle Sap lake.



Helping to pull a boat in, that’s about to dock.



Some of the conditions are not ideal.



I got a big smile from this chap as he was driving his rickety vehicle.



Sitting in dads lap.



I was peering over the back of the tuk-tuk looking for street images, this lady cracked a smile.



Three ladies washing by a standpipe in a Buddhist temple grounds. Just in case your wondering I did ask first if it was ok.



A security guard at one of the temple sites.



This young boy was running around a Buddhist temple in Siem Reap. He stopped gave a hand gesture then carried on.



Buddhist Nun.



Just as many cats are roaming around as dogs.



Young girl bagging up charcoal and weighing it by the side of the road. She was being extremely diligent  about the weight. An extra bit in…..Nope, take a little out….Done. No iPad’s or social media crap here. Just hard graft from a young age. Some kids in the western world would do well to remember that life is not easy for some.



Mr Hak……Hairdressing salon. I was speaking to the hotel manager about my 1970’s fluffy hair. He recommended this salon and that I should expect to pay $2….I got the tourist rate of $3. The best $3 haircut ever ! A pair of clippers and a comb, 10 mins later job done. Short back and sides Siem Reap Style.



This girl and the one’s below, were playing on a rarely visited temple. Running up and down laughing with each other. Stopping at the top of the temple to engage with who ever was passing by. They liked having their photo taken and seeing the results on the back of the camera. Next time I will take a Polaroid instant camera and give them a photo.







A couple of young lads  were playing around this Buddha shrine. After I snapped them they pointed to the three boxes on the right. Donations, I was happy to oblige.

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  1. Those kids are so photogenic, but they way they pile on those mopeds looks like a disaster waiting to happen.
    I would have joined you for that $3 haircut. Looks like a fun barber shop. They might have only charged $1.50 for my amount of hair though. 🙂
    Cheers, Pete.

    • As your a pensioner I’m sure you would have a preferential rate.$1 ?
      Natalie was sitting next to me as I was waiting my turn. Are you sure ?
      “Yeah” whats the worst than can happen ? It will grow back.

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