Banteay Srei

After Beng Mealea we drove for around 40 mins to Banteay Srei. This is a exquisitely carved temple the stone work has a pink hue mixed in with green and black mould.

#2 81O_5760 Banteay Srei.jpg

The entrance. There was no chance of getting a photo without people in it. Due to the constant stream of tourists.

#2 81O_5764 Banteay Srei.jpg

And inside.

#2 81O_5766 Banteay Srei.jpg

Another aspect.

#2 81O_5770 Banteay Srei.jpg

This is the main feature in the central courtyard area (roped off). If you look at the stone work it is all carved with intricate patterns.

#2 81O_5777 Banteay Srei.jpg

This is a macro photo of a very small section sitting on the floor.

#2 AK012749 Banteay Srei.jpg

Outer walls.

#2 AK012763 Banteay Srei.jpg

The rear exit.

The selfie brigade were out in force at this location. In the end I just got in their way as they were getting in mine. Darling the stone work has lasted longer than you will.

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