The only day when the sky was really blue. Not many people seemed visit this temple. Just a short walk from Bayon. The main attraction here is the buildings presence and the view from the top looking over the trees. From a distance it has the look of a pyramid. It is a three-tiered temple mountain dedicated to Shiva.
On the back wall is the outline of a reclining Buddha, not obvious at first but once your eyes adjust to the contours of the stone work. The Buddha will reveal themselves.

#6 81O_6461 Baphoun.jpg

Ponds left and right with a long elevated grand entrance. See next photo for more detail.

#6 81O_6469 Baphoun.jpg

Look to the left and you will see hundreds of short columns supporting the entrance path and they are sitting on top a huge plinth flanked by two ponds (left and right).

#6 81O_6474 Baphoun.jpg

To the right of the entrance is this ruin.

#6 81O_6484 Baphoun.jpg

The outer wall, seen as you climb the stairs.

#6 81O_6485 Baphoun.jpg

An inner area of windows and doors that look up to the main structure.

#6 81O_6494 Baphoun.jpg

Main structure on the left and the windowed area mentioned above is in the small structure on the right hand side.

#6 81O_6477 Baphoun North entrance_exit.jpg

North entrance exit. That leads to another temple along a winding path through the trees. The shade provides a welcome relief from the hot sun.

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