#7 81O_6525 Phimeanakaswp.jpg

Although its not obvious from the photo. Those stairs are very steep at a guess around 45 degrees and worn out. On this three-tiered Hindu pyramid temple.

#7 81O_6536 Phimeanakaswp.jpg

Here’s a better shot to illustrate how steep the stairs are. Your not allowed to ascend.

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  1. All the schlepping about was a drain, especially with a rucksack full of kit 2 ltrs of water and a monopod. Dressed in long sleeved shirt and trousers woollen socks with trainers. You might think I’m daft but it was all necessary to keep the intense sun off.Actually I was relatively comfortable. First of all short shorts are not permitted and your arms must be covered to at least the elbow.You cant see it in the photo but the staircases are roped off / no access. The stairs are so worn out I’m sure you would fall on the way down.

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