Temple bits

In this section are a collection of photos that I can’t recall where they are from or what their particular reference point should be. Where it is known I have captioned that image with the location. None the less they are quite interesting.

#8 81O_6565wp.jpg

Large Buddha statue and shrine.

#8 81O_6572 Tep Pranamwp.jpg

Two Naga’s and walkway leading to the Buddha statue and the shrine above.

#8 81O_6590wp.jpg

Small temple in the forest.

#15 81O_6716 Landscape Treeswp.jpg

Large pond and trees.

#17 AK013178 Statuewp.jpg

Statue from the front.

#17 AK013185 Statuewp.jpg

Statue from behind.

#17 AK013188 Statuewp.jpg

Statue face close up.

#15 81O_6558 Landscape Treeswp.jpg

One of the many huge trees with impressive roots.

81O_6732 Spiderwp.jpg

A very large spider living in one of the temple walls. I came across a whole wall with these white spiders webs, from a distance it looked almost man made. White blobs with perfect dark circles.

#9 81O_6600 Terrace of Elephantswp.jpg

A small section of, Terrace of Elephants.

#9 81O_6596 Terrace of Elephantswp.jpg

A section of stone carvings along / near to the Terrace of Elephants.

#3 81O_5841 Srah Srangwp.jpg

Very early morning light over Srah Srang. This is a reservoir.

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  1. Love these, and I have enjoyed the whole series today. (Well, maybe not the huge spider) Some lush colours that really caught the ‘jungle’ mood, and a feel of the exotic. Nice work mate.
    Cheers, Pete.

  2. Yes, blue sky.Just like in England lifts your spirit’s and gives the photo a boost. Actually the Terrace of Elephants is really big. Not in height but length (350meters) and some of the stone statues / carvings of the Elephants are almost life size. As you can imagine they attract a lot of attention.

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