This temple has a working Buddhist Monastery on site.
Not that popular but well worth a visit.
The first temple mountain at Angkor, dedicated to the god Shiva. 9th Century.

#11 81O_6673 Bakong.jpg

The tall tower on the left is Bakong and the three subsequent buildings are the Monastery.

#11 81O_6683 Bakong.jpg

Bakong, long central staircase leading from the doorway to the top of the tower.

#11 81O_6689 Bakong.jpg

Worn out steps leading to the top.

#11 81O_6690 Bakong.jpg

Small shrine at the top.

#11 81O_6694 Bakong.jpg

Lion statue.

#11 81O_6721 Bakong BKW.jpg

Bakong from the back.

#11 81O_6743 Bakong.jpg

Bakong from the side.

#12 81O_6701 Bakong brick tower at rearwp.jpg

One of two brick towers at the rear.

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