Ta Phrom / Rajavihara

This is a very “popular” temple to visit due to the abundance of the invasive Silk Cotton trees & roots penetrating the temple site, inside the temple buildings is a scaffolding network holding quite a lot of it up preventing collapse. Overall I felt it a bit to manicured for my taste particularly the first section where a massive tree root grows in the corner of the temple. Wooden decking is built right up to the tree creating a bottle neck as all the tourists that pass by, stop to have their photo taken.

It would better to have given the tree some space and put a curved decking a couple of meters away. The daft thing is around the back where hardly any people go are much more impressive trees. This is also the temple made famous by the Tomb Raider movie (ghastly). So you will find the odd person acting out their movie fantasy and getting all excited. The reality this site is a Buddhist Monastic complex.

There was a lot of conservation work going on when we visited. I still managed a few photos, but this is where a 70/300 (Nikon) or 12/100 (Olympus) compact zoom comes into its own for subject isolation amongst all the people milling about.

#13 AK012820 Ta Phrom.jpg

This is not Ta Phrom but a small outlying building just before the main one. Most people ignored it but I thought it worthy of some attention.

#13 AK012830 Ta Phrom.jpg

The big tree root that everyone ques up to have their photo taken. If I had gone wider you would see the ugly wooden decking on the right-hand side.

#13 AK012835 Ta Phrom.jpg

If you look closely. You can see orange scaffold on the left.

#13 AK012836 Ta Phrom.jpg

Fallen columns covered in green moss.

#13 AK012838 Ta Phrom.jpg

There are lots of dark gloomy passage ways at this temple.

#13 AK012846 Ta Phrom.jpg

Another tree root. At a guess its about 36 inches in diameter. Like an Anaconda snake working its way slowly through the nooks and crannies.

#13 AK012860 Ta Phrom.jpg

Stone carving detail.

#13 AK012861 Ta Phrom.jpg

A door way and Strangler Fig roots.

#13 AK012872 Ta Phrom.jpg

Tree roots that have grown over a wall and into the ground. The wall is about 8′ high.

#13 AK012874 Ta Phrom.jpg

Poke your had around a few corners at the back and moody scenes like this appear.

#13 AK012876 Ta Phrom.jpg

As above. I came across a nun giving blessings in one of these hidden doorways, all very spiritual.

#13 AK012885 Ta Phrom.jpg

A doorway.

#13 AK012888 Ta Phrom.jpg

Dense foliage and tree root growing in the corner.

#13 AK012892 Ta Phrom.jpg

Columns and carvings.

#13 AK012895 Ta Phrom.jpg

A stair case in between two huge trees.

#13 AK012897 Ta Phrom.jpg

Tree and roots on the back wall.

All images were taken with the Olympus Pen F and a 12/100 f4 zoom. Jolly handy in a situation like this where the tourist footfall is really high.


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  1. Those roots are very impressive indeed, and give a spooky feel to the whole temple. I haven’t played or seen Tomb Raider, but I can see why they picked this spot.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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