52 Challenge #29

#29 You say. Where are the others in between ? I counted all the Cambodia posts as well. Poetic licence as I’m the instigator of my personal challenge 🙂 All the images below were taken with the Pen F in black and white on the 8th May between 0730 / 1030. The light was hard and harsh, with some slight tweaking.

London South Bank View AK013690 May 2018wp.jpg

Tuesday 8th May view from London’s Tower Bridge looking towards the Shard.

London River Thames View AK013706 May 2018wp.jpg

Photographing into the sun. Butlers Wharf from Tower Bridge. Cropped to 16:9 ratio.

London River Thames View AK013713 May 2018wp.jpg

The building at the end stood out in the harsh early morning sunlight.

London Office Workers AK013756 May 2018 wp.jpg

Shaft of light combined with the woman’s split skirt.

London Office workers AK013764 May 2018wp.jpg

People on London Bridge.

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  1. Now that they have finished the Potters Field site / area. The new and I guess £££££ accommodation is very slick in deed.If only.
    The Olympus (I think) does rather good black and white photos, these are out of the camera jpeg’s with a little bit of tweaking.
    I quit after 1030 as the tourists were coming out in their hoards.

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