A sunny Sunday, November 5th

View from High and Over. Looking at the Cuckmere river. It flows to the right towards the sea.
This is the point where the Cuckmere river reaches the sea / English Channel.
Taken from Seaford Head, looking towards the Seven Sisters.

Out to stretch my legs this morning, I thought I would share a few snaps.

Eastbourne Groynes

For those that dont know, these somewhat ugly looking sea defences are an essential part of the coastal landscape in preventing coastal erosion during the winter storms. It was not my intention to photograph them I set out to capture the sea and sky. I have this constant project running around in my head “sea and sky” every now and then the air is so crisp n clear that it demands photographic attention. But not on this occasion I did not get / capture the subtly that it demanded.

81O_3873-8x10 crop bkw with boderWP
For a change I was thinking in 5×4 ratio (8×10 in old money). Mr Seagull was just being nosy.¬†

Contemporary sea side shelter

Along the seaside in Bexhill on sea you will find quite a few of these contemporary seating  facilities. Providing shelter from the elements. I personally find them rather attractive and well though out, the angular lines, wooden texture contrast well with the every undulating sea and the line of the horizon. From the rear (road side) you get a picture window effect of the sea view.



Beach huts and empty parking spaces

These huts can be found on the eastern end of Eastbourne seafront, they have attracted my attention on more than one occasion but there was always a car parked in one of the bays. On a miserable windy day the car park was empty, but their colour broke the gloom. Cropped 16×9.

Beachy Head Lighthouse

Today I was going to try out photo stacking. I soon tired of the idea and set of to stretch my leg on the South Downs. The light was melancholic (to my mind) but it provided this almost sunset look to the eye. Here is Beachy Head Lighthouse, with the light reflecting on the English Channel out to the horizon. Tamron 90mm f16 / Nikon D810.



New lens to try out

I quite often like to take a close look at my photo kit, and ask my self a question. Am I using that lens often enough to justify keeping it ? I gathered up my Nikon 85mm, Nikon 24mm and an Olympus 12mm (don’t get me wrong they are all actually very good bits of glass). I traded them in for the Tamron 90mm 1:1 macro lens (new version). Here are a few photos taken with it and the Nikon D810. All photos taken at Kew Gardens last week the 8th of October.

Kew 81O_3474wp
Contemporary statue on display at Kew
Kew 81O_3468wp
Contemporary sculpture on display at Kew

October flower

In Eastbourne today (6th October) it is a really sunny day, not hot you need a jacket. One of my plants decided it was time for a flush of youth and popped out a new flower.