Welcome to my Photographic website and blog. Here you will find some examples of  my photographic style. These will be displayed as either a Blog post or Static page.

I have interests in a wide range of areas such as.
Landscape, Abstract, People / Portrait, Travel, Close up photography.

All the photos here have been reduced in size (1024×768) to load quickly and efficiently. 

I find that by being creative with a camera and a lens provides me with an antidote to my everyday working life in central London.

Photography for me is about
– people – ways of seeing – image interpretation (a subjective area) – How you use the camera and lens to reflect what caught your eye. A forever evolving process.

By people I mean, not only those in front of the camera but those behind it.
I’m not referring to the photographer.

All the people who dug the raw material from the crust of the earth to those who conceptualised the product, manufactured, marketed, financed, transported and finally sold to the consumer to use the tool. That allows us to portray this sphere floating in the solar system.

Cameras / equipment.
I like to use Nikon (full frame) and Olympus (micro 4/3rds) camera systems.

D810 camera body. Small and lightweight (compared to my old Nikon D3s) reasonably well built 36mg full frame (FX) camera. It has better dynamic range and exposure metering than the D3s. But in my opinion it is not as well built. I do like the solid robust and masculine feel of Nikon’s Pro kit.

Nikon 50mm f1.8G lens = Very good lens  / love it !
For the price point a real bargain of a lens. It should be in your collection.

Tamron 24-70 f2.8 G2 =  Very good lens / love it !
A very good mid range zoom lens. A great range for travel and everyday photography.

Tamron web link

Both lenses need the  – “Auto focus fine tuning” – adjusted –

Nikon SB900 flash unit = very good.

My Nikon D810 “Jpeg” camera settings (Set picture control).
“Standard” (colour)
Sharpening +4
Clarity +1
Contrast 0
Brightness 0
Saturation +1

The above jpeg settings work for “snapping photos” with slight adjustments made in Adobe Camera RAW. If your going to take a serious landscape / portrait, then you will have to post process the RAW in either Photoshop or Lightroom.
Personally I prefer Adobe Camera Raw as opposed to Lightroom.


Pen F
= Small lightweight, create the image in the camera on the fly. Flick the knob on the front to pick the colour, flick the one on the back and change the highlights and shadows and other settings. A very cool micro 4/3rd’s camera. Best of all I love its black and white rendering (My favorite is the mono profile 2 setting).



The Olympus Pen F has four main elements that I really like.

1: Colour wheel means no menu faffing about. Just turn the dial.
2: Black and white TriX look. – Mono Profile 2 –
3: Classic chrome film look.  – Colour profile 2 –
4: 5 Axis image stabilisation.

The Len’s are affordable and very compact with great image quality.
Olympus 25mm f1.8 lens = love it.
Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens = love it.
Olympus 75mm f1.8 lens = love it.
Olympus 12/100 f4 lens = Love it. If you only want one lens then this is the one.
Samyang 7.5mm lens = very good, but you cant use it all the time.

Post processing software.
I use Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop CC to post process the images to my taste. I feel that is a really important part to grasp. Remember they are your images and it is your interpretation of the scene / subject. If you want it verbatim then great if you feel that some effect / mood should be added then that’s your prerogative. I do a bit of both. All depends on how I feel at the time.

All rights reserved & all images copyright ©Antony Kyriacou.