Personal challenge 365 or 52/54 ?

It came to me this morning (Saturday January 13th 2018) whilst drinking my coffee and looking at the Leica LFI website, that I should try to take a reasonable photograph each and every day, even if that photo was somewhat mundane and of no particular interest to anyone but myself.

Should I just use one particular camera or what ever came to hand ? After all the camera is a tool and not the subject of interest, unless your reviewing products. As the internet is littered with many articles on cameras and lenses I won’t be doing that. Unless something really interesting pops up. Whilst using the D810 or the Pen F.

It is already the 13th of January 2018…I’m starting off on the back foot, missing 13 images from the 365 challenge. So far in January (due to the really gloomy weather) I have only managed to take a few photos. London and the South East of England this time of year has very oppressive leaden grey skies that seem to last forever.

It will be the “52 challenge”….or I may extend it to the 54 challenge. As I’m 54 this year.
So one reasonable photo a week. This is probably much more realistic as I do have to go to work.

The images will be published as a blog post and added sequentially to this web page and labelled….52 challenge #1…….52 challenge #2….etc….If there is anything worth saying about the subject then I will add a few words, otherwise it will just be the photo, leaving you to interpret the subject matter as you see fit. Unfortunately I did not manage to take any photos in week one, so I must play catch up somewhere.

Limpet 81O_4361 Jan 2018wp.jpg
Limpets at low tide.